With a little help, you'll soon be making outstanding video content that your customers will love. 


Video Workshops

Every business knows how essential online video is in 2018, but how can you take your own content to the next level, and make sure you stand out from the crowd?

A one day Hidden Door Video Workshop will give you the creative tools and systems you need to communicate the heart of your business straight to your customers, in a way that no external agency ever could. 

To learn more, just hit play...

- A one day, intensive, one-to-one workshop on your premises

- Get hands-on with the relevant equipment and software

- In-depth strategy session tailored to your business


- Animated logo build / name tags / information screens for use in your videos

- PDF handbook with technical walkthroughs and simple planning steps

- Optional editing service; you film it, we finish it!


You'll probably have a few questions, right? No problem!  I've made a series of videos that hopefully address most  concerns. If you still need more info, just drop me a line. 


See a workshop in action, and hear what the client thinks...


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A little about me…

 I've been in the video business since 2005, and I've worked on more film and animation projects than you can shake a digital stick at. But through all those thirteen years, with stints in Birmingham, London and now York, I've never been happier than when I've been helping other folks learn stuff.  

Whether it's been training new animators, getting students into photography, or now helping businesses unlock the exciting world of relationship video - that's my happy place. If you'd like to undertake a more thorough background check, Linkedin is the place to go!


How much does it cost?



The cost for a one-day workshop  will vary depending on the nature of your organisation, your whereabouts (I do workshops country-wide), your requirements, and the size of the team that requires training. For the majority of clients, the cost falls somewhere on this scale. 


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What happens next?



I'd love to talk more about how we can unlock the video potential of your business. Just get in touch in the usual ways, or drop by the office if you're in the area!

01904 530 068